BRR022: Nudes - s/t 12"

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The debut album from rowdy post-punk trio Nudes.

Featuring members of Playlounge, Saturdays Kids and Breathe Out, Nudes is a melodic, noisy and thoughtful blend of post-punk sounds. Think Rites of Spring, Meneguar...

Written and recorded by the Cardiff/London-based trio over the space of three weeks in July 2014, the self-titled record sees a band excited to be discovering their sound and not pausing too long to think about what that should be.


1. Our Headache Years
2. Drive Straight For The Black Hole
3. The Dig
4. Clarity
5. Constant Summer
6. Even With Broken Bones
7. Human Hands
8. Talk To Me In American


This record is limited to 300. All copies come with a digital download code and full colour printed inner-sleeves.

Black /100
Half Transparent Yellow/Half Solid Blue Split /200

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  • Black vinyl
  • Yellow/blue vinyl


by Nudes
Image of BRR022: Nudes - s/t 12"