BRR024: Carson Wells - Tread a Northern Path 12"

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The sophomore from Scottish post-hardcore trio Carson Wells, out now on Barely Regal Records (UK), Black Lake (UK), Eat a Book (UK), Adagio 830 (DE), Dingleberry (DE), La Agonia De Vivir (ES) and We Are The Daughters (ES).

As the name suggests, 'Tread a Northern Path' is a record informed by distance and travel. While the band's debut, 'Wonderkid' (2012) was written and produced prior to any serious touring, their latest offering was tempered and honed over a busy schedule of live shows in the time between the two releases. As such, 'Tread a Northern Path' shows a tighter, more mature Carson Wells, while at the same time better capturing their frenetic live energy.

Sitting somewhere between groovy 2000s post-hardcore like Kolya and Sinaloa and frantic, catchy euroscreamo like Raein, their churning guitar lines, furious drums and desperate vocals weave dense patterns and rhythms, building from delicate, twisting progressions into thundering, crushingly sad sections.

1. Palmistry
2. Silent Breed
3. Northern Path, Southern Lens
4. Mosaic of Sleepers
5. Final Throne
6. A Life Lapse in Passing
7. Mid Distance
8. Sobotka
9. Will I'm Nae
10. June


Black /250

First run of 'Tread a Northern Path', limited to 250 copies on black vinyl. Each copy comes with a digital download code.

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by Carson Wells