Distro: Artefact - Votive Offering 12" album


Image of Distro: Artefact - Votive Offering 12" album

The dark, brooding debut album from Artefact, feat. members of Plaids, Twisted and Mars to Stay. Pressed on black 12" vinyl, comes with double-sided insert and a digital download of all ten tracks.

If you've kept your ear to the ground of Wales' fertile DIY punk scene then chances are you'll have stumbled across Artefact already, or at least one of their network of side projects and previous bands. Featuring Hannah Saunders on vocals, Matthew Green on guitar, Jon Mohajer on bass and Danny Parsons on drums, members’ musical CVs span indiepop (Joanna Gruesome), post-hardcore (Facel Vega), emo (Plaids), garage punk (Twisted) and slowcore (Mars To Stay). This collective experience has certainly informed Artefact, in terms of how they operate and conduct themselves, but it should equally be seen as a clean break, and a chance to indulge their tastes for postpunk, goth, deathrock and the darker side of the tracks in general.


1. Siren
2. The Morigan
3. De Ja Vu
4. Sacred / Sacrilege
5. War
6. Witching Hour
7. Styx
8. Libracide
9. Boudicca
10. Votive Offering

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