Distro: Bonehouse - Tomorrow's Worn Out Blues 12" vinyl


Image of Distro: Bonehouse - Tomorrow's Worn Out Blues 12" vinyl

Intricate and intense post-hardcore from Dundee, Scotland.

Moving in similar circles other ace bands from the region like Kaddish and Carson Wells, Bonehouse are now sadly now more, this final release by the band perfectly capturing the sound they'd honed over their time as a band - a perfect balance of thundering anthemic sections into delicate, spacier sections.

Grab yourself one of the final copies in circulation before the next emo revival hits and you end up paying £40 for it on discogs instead.



1. Altered Altars
2. Tomorrow's Worn Out Blues
3. Broken Hearts and Shallow Sympathy
4. Conquistador
5. A God That It Points To
6. I am Magnificent, I am Nothing!
7. Guns for Whitman
8. The Ripples of Hatred


Part of the original run of copies pressed on black 12" vinyl.


Recorded and mixed at Bonehouse's studio in Dundee by Ross Middlemiss, May 2014
Mastered by Robin Sutherland
Artwork by Lisa Maclean and David Macaffer

Originally released by Wolf Town DIY, Boslevan, Black Lake and Make that a Take Records in the UK.


  • Black vinyl