Distro: Human Hands - Morning Sun 12"

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The sophomore album from midlands trio Human Hands.

Dubbed 'sad cowboy music' by many, 'Morning Sun' sits somewhere between Neil Young and Codeine, like The Hated in stetsons. Bleak and twisting, with smoldering build-ups balanced with the occasional explosion of emotion, this is music that isn't going to lift you out of a funk anytime soon, but it'll make for the perfect companion for that lonesome ride across the winter plains.



1. cell
2. morning sun
3. never an after
4. map
5. hollow
6. mind


Part of the original run of 520 copies pressed on black 12" vinyl. Each copy comes with a zine compiled by the band.


Recorded by Phil Booth at JT Soar
Mastered by Joe C at Subsequent Mastering

Released by Strictly No Capital Letters / Time as a Colour