Distro: Lord Snow - Solitude 12"

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An absolute fucking barnstormer of an album from start to finish. 12 tracks of chaotic, thrashing hardcore, with plenty of weird twisting breakdowns.



1. Selfish Sleep
2. Dark Cloud
3. She's Clearly Made the Most of It
4. Stormcloak
5. yellowamarillo//booker dewitt
6. Corpse Pose
7. incorrective Unconsciousness
8. Shere Khan
9. Solitude
10. bb
11. The Background Static of Perpetual Discontent


Part of the original run of 400 copies pressed on black 12" vinyl. Comes with a double-sided insert


Recorded Feb 2013 by Niko Zaglaras.
Mastered by Carl Saff
Album Art Layout by Ryan Lowry

Originally released by Adagio 830.