Five Years Strong - five years of barely regal (coffee + compilation)

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As you may know, because we mention it at every available opportunity, we at Barely Regal Records are quite big coffee fans - the label practically runs on the stuff.

So it's with great pleasure that we can announce that, to celebrate our fifth birthday as a label, we've collaborated with Welsh coffee roasters Coaltown Coffee to put together this 17-track compilation of music by our friends and family, released physically as a bag of whole bean coffee with a download code.

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You can also download the digital version of the compilation for FREE from here.

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Five years ago, we put out or first release, a zine/compilation called ‘Zero Years of Barely Regal’ (a joke that, like our name itself, seemed funny at the time). We were inspired to start a label in the first place by the incredible community of musicians, labels and promoters we met while living in Cardiff, and while we’ve since moved away from the city, dragging the label kicking and screaming with us, both Cardiff and indeed Wales remain places that are very important to us. As such, we’re really pleased and honored to able to work with a Welsh coffee roasters on the release that marks us miraculously somehow having made it to five years as a label – particularly one that shares our grassroots ethics.

From the very start we've always tried where we can to put out releases on interesting formats, so this provided us with the perfect opportunity to combine two of our biggest loves, coffee and music.

Not a coffee fan? Not to fear - this compilation will also be available as a digital download on its own from the 6 May from


1. Arkless - Corner
2. Weddings - French lessons
3. Soul Structure - True Love
4. Crows An Wra - Shroud
5. Caramel - Personal Advice
6. Carson Wells - Cloud in the Shape of a Shark
7. Plough Lines - Boiler
8. Plaids - Twenty Five
9. Well Wisher - Fast Past
10. DAGS! - We All Like Theories, Let's Not Make Anything Ever Happen
11. Olympians - Tiny Umbrellas
12. Claw the Thin Ice - Codeine
13. Cousin - Which Schnitzel
14. Theo - Their Legs Kicking
15. Mars to Stay - Montgomery
16. Human Hands - Blank Air
17. The Blue Period - The Glitch


Limited to 20 bags of wholebean coffee.

Single Origin, 100% Arabica. Beans roasted by Coaltown Coffee, sourced from the surrounding area of Huye Mountain, Rwanda and washed at the Huye Wash station.

Tasting Notes: Black Cherry / Pomegranate / Hibiscus

Recommended Brew Method: French Press, Areopress, Pourover, Chemex.

Read more about the coffee on Coaltown Coffee's website here:

Please note that this is a pre-order with an official release date of the 6 May, but the orders will ship as soon as the coffee arrives with us, for maximum freshness. The digital download will be sent to you via email from the 20 April.

If you have any questions at all about your order please get in touch on


by Barely Regal
Carson Wells
Claw the Thin Ice
Crows An Wra
Human Hands
Plough Lines
Soul Structure
and Weddings
Image of Five Years Strong - five years of barely regal (coffee + compilation)