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The final release (and only full album) from South Wales punx Saturdays Kids - featuring members of Joanna Gruesome and Nudes.

Starting the band when they were ridiculously young, Saturday's Kids quickly went from being one of those bands that are 'good for their age' to just really bloody good, full stop. Following a slew of releases (two 7"s, a split 10" with Kids Return and their own, self-titled, 10"), Saturday's Kids have meandered from abrasive post-punk to 90s art-rock to pensive slow-core and back again - not only across the breadth of an EP but often in the same song, the Lunatic was to be their only album and final release, pressed just in time for their break-up show in the basement of an antiques warehouse in Cardiff.

As the name would suggest, the record is a joyously aggressive and spiteful affair, with spiralling fuzzed-out guitars held together by driving bass and drums, like the faster, wilder moments of Sonic Youth.



1. Seraphim
2. I Regret You
3. Useless
4. Take A Minute And Step Inside My Head And See How Fucked Up It Is In There
5. Love Breeding
6. Destroyer
7. Bone, Crystal, Ice
8. Nora


Part of the original run pressed on black 12" vinyl.


Recorded by Gethin Pearson and Darren Lawson

Originally released in July 2014 on Bombed out Records and Reeks of Effort.