BRR018: Plaids - self-titled 12" LP (SOLD OUT)

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Plaids debut record is now sold out. Maybe we'll re-press it one day. Maybe.

Plaids debut self-titled LP, released on Barely Regal Records (UK), Art for Blind (UK) and Dingleberry (EU) on the 29th September 2014.

Having honed their unique brand of explosive hardcore over the course of numerous splits, singles and EPs, Plaids have at long last announce the release of their debut self-titled LP. While many tracks on the record still bring the likes of early emo/hardcore Dag Nasty and Rites of Spring, the album draws on a much wider sphere influences than previous releases, owing as much to early 90s space rock as it does to classic post-hardcore.


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Twenty One
Twenty Two
Twenty Three
Twenty Four
Twenty Five
Twenty Six
Twenty Seven
Twenty Eight
Twenty Nine


Solid white /100
Black /200

First run of the Plaids LP limited to 300 copies, split between two colours. Each copy comes with a double-sided insert and a digital download code.

NOTE: our copies of the LP on black vinyl are now sold out, but you can still grab the black vinyl copies from Art for Blind, Dingleberry and punx distros worldwide

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